Black Teas are processed for for a lengthy period, and allowed to fully oxidise, resulting in a dark leaf. They are the most popular type of tea consumed around the globe.


Black teas are fairly robust, and for the most part can be brewed with freshly boiled water, generally from anywhere between 3-5 minutes.


In good ol’ Britain, much of the time, we like our tea with milk, and all of Burrows & Brooks’ range has been created, with the idea that all black teas can be enjoyed with or without milk.


We would recommend trying the blend Stiff Upper Lip with milk, as it is a very deep, malty, strong brew and will be quite astringent without. However, if you like a builder’s tea without milk, brewing this sort of tea for two minutes is advisable; the tea will still have some bite, but you will be able to taste all the flavours of the individual components.


The Queen’s Jubilee, our Earl Grey blend, is quite delicate, so this can be taken without milk if you wish, or with a slice of lemon in place of milk.


In the case of our Chai Wallah, which is a black tea blended with spices, you would brew it as normal, but add milk and sugar to bring out the lovely spicy character. You can also heat a couple of teaspoonfuls of this blend in a pan with whole milk, bring it to the boil, simmer for a few minutes and serve for a truly creamy treat.


These are our suggestions, but as a rule, whatever black tea blend you choose should be brewed like so:

Boil freshly drawn water, brew for 3-5 minutes, and drink with or without milk.

Fun fact: Black tea was supposedly discovered in the 16th or early 17th century, when green tea was accidentally left too long in the sun, and became fully oxidised - happy accidents!

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